Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Purple Rain cocktail! Recipe courtesy of LD Products Coupon SCOTT15

Celebrating Prince's life this week? Try a Purple Rain cocktail! Recipe thanks to our sponsor LD Products coupon SCOTT15 !

It's a sad thing that Prince has died. He lived a great big good life, and seems to have been a quiet philanthropist in his later years. This cocktail celebrates his heyday in the music spotlight, though!

Purple Rain Cocktail

• 45ml smirnoff no. 21 vodka
• 20ml sour raspberry liqueur
• 20ml blue curacao
• 5ml sweet n' sour
• 180ml cranberry juice cocktail
• 4 -5 ice cubes


• Pre-chill vodka in freezer. (Recommended: Pre-chill all ingredients instead of using too much ice; which can dilute the drink).
• Pre-chill large/9 ounce wine glass in freezer.
• Add about 4-6 ice cubes into the wine glass.
• Add vodka, raspberry liqueur, blue curacao, lime cordial, and cranberry cocktail.

• Stir or shake gently and serve.

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