Wednesday, December 12, 2018

EARTHCORE Episode #25 sponsored by "Audible Free Trial"

Fifteen thousand feet below Funeral Mountain, Connell, Veronica, Mack, Lybrand, Sanji and O’Doyle are heading even deeper, trying to reach the Dense Mass Cavern and find a way out of their living tomb. They have found strange signs that say Killroy Was Here, but who made them? In this episode, the crew hits an obstacle they never expected. Up on the surface, Kayla Meyers has discovered that Angus Kool and Randy Wright are alive and in the hospital. They are two more loose ends; ends that she is about to eliminate. This episode sponsored by our \"Audible Free Trial\" page at

Monday, December 3, 2018

EARTHCORE #24 sponsored by "Space Opera"

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS FREE AUDIOBOOK Get a new episode of fiction every Sunday, from a #1 New York Times bestselling author EPISODE SYNOPSES: Veronica Reeves is an archeology PhD, a media darling for her discoveries on the slopes of Mount Fitz Roy, but now she finds herself trapped three miles belowground with Connell Kirkland and the others. Can she adjust to this despaate situation? Up on the surface, Sonny McGuiness is looking for survivors of the camp attack. One such survivor, Cho Takachi, has recently sent out a call for help — a call that is about to be answered. EPISODE SPONSOR: Sponsored by the \"Space Opera\" series \"Galactic Football League\" at

Monday, November 26, 2018

EARTHCORE Ep. #23 sponsored by Audible Free Trial (

Episode #23 of the free serial novel EARTHCORE is smokin\' hot, sponsored by our \"Audible Free Trial\" page at EPISODE SYNOPSES (spoiler alert!): Already deeper beneath the earth than anyone in history, Connell and the others continue their descent. With no way to go up, the only escape is down. On the surface, Cho Takachi — wounded, weak and horribly sunburned, finally finds help. Or does he? And Sonny McGuiness weighs facts against his superstitions as he tries to figure out what happened to the Earthcore camp.

Monday, November 19, 2018

EARTHCORE Episode #22 sponsored by GoDaddy Coupon

Episode 22 of EARTHCORE — unabridged, free, serialized. Sponsored by GoDaddy Coupons page at

Monday, October 15, 2018

EARTHCORE Episode 17, sponsored by GoDaddy Coupon at

Episode 17 of this unabridged, free serial audiobook. Sponsored by GoDaddy Coupons page at A new discovery threatens the lives of everyone in the tunnel complex. What happens when the mountain itself comes down?

Saturday, October 6, 2018

EARTHCORE Episode #16

The EARTHCORE miners, led by Mack Hendricks, are are finally ready to explore the caves, but small, unexplained ground tremors threaten lethal danger to anyone who enters. With Angus Kool and Randy Right the victims of lab sabotage, can Katarina Hayes find the source of these tremors before its too late? That’s not her only problem — Hayes is trying to find a reason for an inexplicable miles-long line that runs across the mountain, and goes down so far they can’t measure the depth. What caused it? What does it mean? Don\'t see a \"play\" button above? Click here to download. This episode also sponsored by the promo code page. The post EARTHCORE Episode #16 appeared first on

Monday, October 1, 2018

BLUE BALLS, a Very Special Episode …

If you\'ve read my novel NOCTURNAL, you may recall the character Pookie Chang\'s idea for a cop show. Like HILL STREET BLUES, BLUE BLOODS, NYPD BLUE, ROOKIE BLUE, SHADES OF BLUE, etc., Pooks decided his show should have that color as a titular part of the title. Hence, BLUE BALLS. In NOCTURNAL, Pookie might be considered the sidekick to Bryan Clauser\'s lead character. In BLUE BALLS, which Pookie writes as a spec script to sell to network TV, he is the heroic lead, and Bryan is the bumbling also-ran. Pookie\'s buddy cop script plays on many cop-show tropes. For the past three SiglerFests, we\'ve live-recorded a portion of Pookie\'s script for Season One, Episode 2, titles \"Dolla Dolla Bills, Y\'All.\" Attendees get to read most of the parts. My plan was to release them as individual episodes leading up to SiglerFest2k18, but I screwed up last year\'s recording (I paused it at one point, then forgot to continue it), and for the life of me I can\'t find the SiglerFest2k16 recording. So, my pal St