Monday, January 14, 2019

EARTHCORE Episode #30 sponsored by GoDaddy Coupon

Episode 30 of EARTHCORE — unabridged, free, serialized. Sponsored by GoDaddy Coupons page at Your weekly, free audiobook episode. You don\'t already have this in your iTunes? Or Spotify? Or iHeartRadio or Stitcher or GooglePlay? Then subscribe, sucka: EPISODE SYNOPSES (spoilers!) Connell, Veronica, O’Doyle and the others are trapped on a tunnel ledge overlooking a vast cavern filled with the Rocktopi. On one side, a sheer rock face that ends in certain death hundreds of feet below. On the other side, a tunnel system teeming with creatures that want to slice them to pieces. Meanwhile, Kayla Myers continues her hunt for Angus Kool and Randy Wright, the two Earthcore scientists that have inadvertently sabotaged her efforts to return to the NSA. Will she catch up with them? And if she does, will the pliers come out?

Monday, January 7, 2019

EARTHCORE Episode #29 sponsored by GoDaddy Coupons http://www/

EARTHCORE Episode #29 EPISODE SYNOPSES: Connell, O’Doyle, Lybrand and the others just endured a grueling, savage fight for life against the original occupants of the picture cavern. Deep in another part of the tunnell complex, Angus Kool and Randy Wright were dissecting a silverbug, trying to learn what technological secrets might be inside. And up on the surface, Kayla Meyers is ready to parlay the unimaginable discovery of the Funeral Mountain horrors into a shot at redemption, a shot at getting back her position in the National Security Agency. Will she once again represent the USA? EPISODE SPONSOR: Our \"GoDaddy Coupon\" page at gets you a new dot-com domain for just 99 cents with the coupon code CJCSIG99C. Get some!

Monday, December 24, 2018

EARTHCORE Episode #27 (sponsored by GoDaddy Coupon

EPISODE SYNOPSES: Angus and Randy faked out Connell, Kayla and more by faking the sabotage on their lab. Now they are deep in the tunnels of Funeral Mountain, about to spring a trap on an unsuspecting victim. And,Connell, O’Doyle and the others were fleeing from the stalking silverbugs when they ran into an impossibility — a tentacle god. A desperate, fatal situation, somehow, just got worse. EPISODE SPONSOR: Our GoDaddy Coupon page features the code CJCSIG99C, which gets you a new dot-com domain for just 99 cents. It\'s a helluva deal, snag it for yourself and share it with anyone you know in small business or who makes websites for other people.

Monday, December 17, 2018

EARTHCORE Episode #26

EARTHCORE Episode #26 is up! Get the free episodes every week by subscribing at EPISODE SYNOPSES (spoilers): Veronica, Connell and the others have been stalked through the tunnels, an enemy always at the edges of sight and sound. Now, those stalkers are about to close in. When they found the Picture Cavern, they saw evidence of an ancient, lost culture that worshiped strange gods. What new terror made by this culture awaits the crew? Gunfire roar and bullets blaze as a new threat emerges. EPISODE SPONSOR: Our GoDaddy Coupon page, which features the 99-cent new dot-com domain code CJCSIG99C.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

EARTHCORE Episode #25 sponsored by "Audible Free Trial"

Fifteen thousand feet below Funeral Mountain, Connell, Veronica, Mack, Lybrand, Sanji and O’Doyle are heading even deeper, trying to reach the Dense Mass Cavern and find a way out of their living tomb. They have found strange signs that say Killroy Was Here, but who made them? In this episode, the crew hits an obstacle they never expected. Up on the surface, Kayla Meyers has discovered that Angus Kool and Randy Wright are alive and in the hospital. They are two more loose ends; ends that she is about to eliminate. This episode sponsored by our \"Audible Free Trial\" page at

Monday, December 3, 2018

EARTHCORE #24 sponsored by "Space Opera"

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS FREE AUDIOBOOK Get a new episode of fiction every Sunday, from a #1 New York Times bestselling author EPISODE SYNOPSES: Veronica Reeves is an archeology PhD, a media darling for her discoveries on the slopes of Mount Fitz Roy, but now she finds herself trapped three miles belowground with Connell Kirkland and the others. Can she adjust to this despaate situation? Up on the surface, Sonny McGuiness is looking for survivors of the camp attack. One such survivor, Cho Takachi, has recently sent out a call for help — a call that is about to be answered. EPISODE SPONSOR: Sponsored by the \"Space Opera\" series \"Galactic Football League\" at

Monday, November 26, 2018

EARTHCORE Ep. #23 sponsored by Audible Free Trial (

Episode #23 of the free serial novel EARTHCORE is smokin\' hot, sponsored by our \"Audible Free Trial\" page at EPISODE SYNOPSES (spoiler alert!): Already deeper beneath the earth than anyone in history, Connell and the others continue their descent. With no way to go up, the only escape is down. On the surface, Cho Takachi — wounded, weak and horribly sunburned, finally finds help. Or does he? And Sonny McGuiness weighs facts against his superstitions as he tries to figure out what happened to the Earthcore camp.