Monday, September 21, 2015

I love rainy days! Save 10% in September using LD Products Coupon SCOTT15!

We finally got some rain in SoCal! So good! While I'm keeping warm inside I'm using LD Products coupon SCOTT15 to stock up on printer ink and toner and save money while I do!

It's been a rough, hot dry September in California. Wildfires are raging and the heat has been something else. That's the biggest reason the rain makes me happy, it broke the heat and cooled off some of the Valley fire!

Sweet deal at LD Products!
Now that it's cooler, I'm thinking of having a garage sale. Which means it's time to crack open the supply closet and start printing flyers! What do I find in there? Laser printer supplies, discounted printer ink and toner. You know, the usual. 

Doesn't make sense to wait one more minute. Once the rain stops, and things have cooled off, we'll be ahead of the game with the garage sale!

How will you use your new LD Products supplies?

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